3 Things I Learned Last Week (Aug. 2014 #4)

  1. There are creepers on Hanging with Friends who will find you through a random match and blindly assume you are female, even if your avatar is clearly a male pirate.  #SteveThePirate
  2. It’s really hard to constantly lock eyes with, share laughs with, and basically feel an intense sense of connection with someone and know that they don’t feel the same thing.
  3. Fate keeps helping me out lately, and I really don’t think I deserve it.


there is zero rotational motion in this pictureevery single one of the dots is oscillating on a straight line


there is zero rotational motion in this picture

every single one of the dots is oscillating on a straight line

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Did you know: Chris Evans gets panic attacks. Yes, he does. This is one reason why he’s very private and didn’t really do any meet-and-greets on the Avengers’ sets.

It amazes and inspired me that a man who does what he does can do it, even with an anxiety disorder. You go, Chris.

This is why I get so upset when I hear negative comments about Chris and how he doesn’t seem as out-going as the rest of the Avengers cast. I remember hearing people complain about how he’s ‘rude’ and the like and it’s sad, because I highly doubt he intends to come off that way, he’s just more reserved than the others.

I remember hearing once that he actually went to seek psychiatric help before accepting the role of Captain America because of how anxious he felt regarding it. As well as the fact that he already played another Marvel superhero and he was concerned how comic fans would react to his playing another hero in that universe.

Just because someone’s in the entertainment industry doesn’t mean they’re going to be incredibly outgoing off camera just as much as they appear to be on camera. Some people just really enjoy acting; they’re not the characters they portray nor are they like their costars nor are they going to be incredibly outgoing because of their choice of career.

Now I’m really starting to root for this guy. Because, well. I kind of get the point more accurately than I wish I did.

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Excuse me sir, what are you buying condoms for?!

Not for balloon animals…

3 Things I Learned Last Week (Aug. 2014 #3)

  1. I don’t know where I went wrong in life, but tonight I saw someone’s eyes go wide as they exclaimed to me “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you without your wig!”
  2. I was eating outside at a restaurant recently when a bee decided to land on me.  I kept shooing him away, but he would always come back.  Not wanting to kill him, I eventually took him on my hand to some flowers 30 yards away.  Again he came back, so I took him and this time walked him around to the complete opposite side of the restaurant.  I then walked through the restaurant so he’d lose my scent.  Naturally my little friend found me once more and I decided to just give up.  I am one with all of the creatures, I tell ya.
  3. Karma is thinking you’re pretty sly purchasing a box of condoms when you know you can go through a self check-out lane only to accidentally scan the box twice and require manager approval to fix it.

3 Things I Learned Last Week (Aug. 2014 #2)

  1. Florida really, really doesn’t want me to be in a kickball league.
  2. Auditioning is quite nerve-wracking.  I’d never done it before, but I see now why people compare it to a meat-market.  Sitting around and chatting with the very people you’re competing against (and sometimes even watching them perform) is very surreal.
  3. August 11th is always a bad day for me anyway, but finding out that Robin Williams (allegedly) committed suicide that day was especially tough.  It’s hard for some people to imagine that someone who can light up a room like that can have such dark internal struggles, but sadly I think it’s more common than not.  I read once that we learn to make people laugh as a defense mechanism against pain, and those who do it best are the ones that hurt the most.  Depression is something that needs to be talked about, not hidden.  I have struggled with depression and anxiety almost my entire life, but I rarely talk about it because I don’t want to be seen as whiny or dragging other people down.  I simply want everyone else to be happy, no matter how much I’m hurting.  But I think it’s important whenever someone special to us dies that we use that as a reason to change, or to do something good.  I guess that’s why I’m telling you about my struggles now.

    Even if there are only two of you reading. :p

    Rest in peace, Robin.  And rest in peace, Stacy.

3 Things I Learned Last Week (Aug. 2014 #1)

  1. You should always keep your favorite doll from childhood as a memento.  It’s one of the best memories you can keep.  Bonus points will be awarded if you can hang onto it for 30 years and not realize until you’re showing it to a group of friends (don’t ask) that he’s been wearing a pair of your old He-man underoos underneath his pajamas the whole time.
  2. I spent almost all of my free time this weekend on comedy-related activities.  Although it was definitely a blast, it was also exhausting.  I really need to start getting paid for this stuff.
  3. I had my first-ever psychic reading.  Apparently I’m supposed to leave Orlando, and my wife is going to be the one to approach me first.  Oh, and I’m also “ripe”.